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[poll] Kush fiton Champions League 2009
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Sat Mar 09 2013, 08:26am
I'm number one

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Joined: Tue Apr 13 2010, 06:09am

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e fitojne simjetè k' kanè Platinin shef !

Prite punen pa u ba
se kur te bahet...
mos ban za!!!

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Sat Mar 09 2013, 02:34pm
Why drink and drive When you can smoke and fly,,,XD

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Joined: Mon Dec 17 2007, 10:29pm

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ju festusit e 2010 shifni totenhamin se po ju ban bis kte vit me duket...

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Fri Apr 12 2013, 09:48pm

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Joined: Sun Jul 08 2012, 09:45pm

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Primen 4 ekipet ma te mira jane ne gjys finale. Vjet e mori ekipi qe ishte ma pak favorit , kyt vit m'duket reali asht ma i dobti ner kta kater

Touch screen phones piss me off
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Fri May 24 2013, 08:28pm
be allways happy enjoy life its to short

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Joined: Tue Aug 07 2007, 11:58pm

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