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Verbal cues:

Response latency.
The time between the end of a question and the start of a reply. Liars take longer, hesitate more.

Lingustic distance.
Not saying 'I', but talking in abstract. For example, 'one might believe that ...'.

Slow, uneven speech.
As an individual tries to think through their lies. They might also suddently talk quickly, attempting to make a sensitive subject appear less significant.

Too eager to fill gaps in conversation.
Liars keep talking when it is unnecessary, as if a silence signifies that the other person does not believe them.

Too many pitch raises.
Instead of the pitch dropping at the end of a reply, it is lifted in the same way as asking a question.

Non-verbal cues:

Too much squirming.
Someone shifting around in their seat is singnalling their desire not to be there.

Too much eye contact, rather than too little.
Liars tend to overcompensate.

Flickers of surprise, hurt or anger that are difficult to detect. Sudden facial expressions of pain are often giveaways.

An increase in comfort gestures.
These ofted take the form of self-touching, particularly around the nose and mouth.

An increase in stuttering and slurring.
Including what are known as 'Freudian slips'.

A loss of resonance in the voice.
It tends to become flatter and more monotonous.

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